Healthy Communities, Bio-Regions & Businesses
At the heart of sustainability concepts lies the belief that healthy people and communities require beautiful, healthy spaces in which to thrive. By focusing on wise use of available resources, we can achieve a high quality of life for all, maintain economic prosperity and preserve the natural beauty of our unique bio-regions. Eco Via Consulting works with clients to customize their path to sustainability and to further knowledge of sustainability and environmental issues, technology and opportunities. The firm has 3 key services areas, Design & LEED Consulting, Program Development and Education & Training.
Our Approach
Good design starts with questions. Often a fresh look at a clients needs and goals can reveal new options to consider, funding possibilities or synergies that can leverage results. Eco Via Consulting brings extensive experience in green building, building science, concept design energy modeling, daylighting, sustainable master planning and regional environmental analysis.
Each bio-region has environmental, social and economic priorities that provide direction for both building developments and sustainability programs. Knowledge and communication are fundamental aspects of moving us along the path to sustainability  at both the project or program level and across the industry. Eco Via Consulting creates an environment of open collaboration and works to build our collective body of sustainability data and extend sustainability into aspects of daily living.
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